Teaching and Learning Forum

The purpose of the Teaching and Learning forum is to enrich our understanding of the impact of scholarship on practice at LSBM and to gain insights into the potential drivers of change.

Specific objectives:

  • To briefly explore participants understanding of ‘changes in the student’s journey'.
  • To discover if these ‘ways of teaching’ are underpinned or impacted by scholarly studies/journal papers/articles/policy documents or other sources.
  • To make recommendations on how the impact of scholarship on practice in LSBM could be improved.
  • To consider student perspectives of changes in, through and out, of undergraduate and post graduate education.
  • To consider if the staff feel they are ‘changing themselves in the approach to teaching.
  • To elicit views on academic and social ‘activity’ related to the transition into higher education.
  • To ask what ‘activity’ counts as pedagogy?
  • To elicit views on the pedagogies that have most potential for success in teaching and learning.

Previous Teaching and Learning forums have explored:

E-learning blended learning - uses of social media and blogging
Work-placement - work-based learning and work experience
Collaborative learning - group work, communities of practice, and service learning
Curriculum design approaches - vertically integrated curriculum vs horizontal
Problem-based learning (PBL)
Peer-learning - peer-review and peer-assessment
Capstone course - undergraduate research, final year projects and dissertations
Plagiarism - using Turnitin® for marking and distinguishing good practice.

The Teaching and Learning forum is particularly informative on:

  • the impact of scholarly work
  • pedagogies of learning, and
  • the challenges faced by teachers and students

 Interesting insights on what impacts lecturing and support staff include: 

  • A journey of many small steps - For students, learning and enhancement is a journey of many small steps. 
  • The influence of reports and the work of professional bodies - For all lecturing staff, course content and pedagogical practice are impacted by the reports and work that institutional, higher education and national and professional bodies produce.
  • Influence of peers - For all academics their practice is highly influenced by their own experience and by peer-learning. Seeing what works for others has a big impact. The feedback from the Peer observation scheme is an important milestone in benchmarking, improving and sharing the quality of teaching and learning.

    Additionally, the following two influences should be noted:

  • Influence of scholarly literature - Scholarly work has infused and influenced their approach and attitudes and therefore their practice, often through the process of applying for Fellow membership of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). 
  • Influence of the Student voice - Student feedback is sought by all participants and influences teaching approaches during a course, or for the next iteration of a course.

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