Teaching and Learning Conference 2012

Hearts and Minds: Captivating Teaching and Innovative Pedagogies

The 2012 TLC was attended by more than 30 people and was on the theme of Hearts and Minds: Captivating Teaching and Innovative Pedagogies.

The feedback from participants at the conference was broadly very favourable.

Asked about their experience of the conference on a variety of measures – from the organisation of the event to the clarity of the presentations to the satisfaction derived from attending – 58% gave strongly positive assessments and a further 37% gave positive assessments.

Respondents said the quality, variety, and knowledge of presenters; the good discussions; and the “winning attitude to teaching” were the areas where the conference was most effective.

Sessions that were particularly noted included those on emotional intelligence, how innovative pedagogies can engage students, suggestions for student engagement and the future of higher education.

A sample response stated that:

“Both panel discussions were really thought-provoking and consistent with the theme, especially on the issue of Innovative Teaching and Learning Methodology”.

From the feedback, a general feeling emerged that the conference offered practical assistance and facilitated professional networking.

The programme from the event is available here.

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