StudyPlus (formerly 'The Centre for Academic Support and Enhancement (CASE)') provides all of our students with free support, guidance and tuition in all areas of academic skills and English language. The service that we provide is aimed at improving your academic performance, regardless of your existing level: good students who want to be excellent ones are catered for equally with struggling students who want to achieve a pass level result.

You can find the current StudyPlus timetable PDF here.

StudyPlus Lecture Series

Key areas in which we feel you need support are covered by our series of lectures and seminars. 

There are 11 sessions in total which start in January 2018.  For students starting in January 2018, the lectures will be held at times and dates that you can see on the following pdf (click here for the Jan-Mar 2018 StudyPlus Timetable (PDF)). 

(Typically these will be Monday to Friday between 10:00-12:00/13:30-15-30 at SEWS, 99 Gower Street. To book any of the sessions or request a one-to-one session please contact

The following links will give an idea as to the type of topics that will be covered (though the actual material presented will be different).

  1. Academic language (download materials: lectureseminar and screen-capture of the lecture)
  2. Note taking (download materials: lectureseminar and answersabbreviations & split-page-notes)
  3. Reading strategies (download materials: lectureexercise on reading-strategies and audio-capture)
  4. Referencing (download materials: lectureplagiarism-testreferencing-verbs and audio-capture)
  5. Paraphrasing, summarising, synthesising (lecturevideoexercises, synthesising video and synthesising exercise 12)
  6. Paragraphing, introductions and conclusions (lecture, videos 123 and exercises 123)
  7. Punctuation (download materials: lecture and exercises)
  8. Revising, editing and proofreading (download materials: lecture and exercisesediting/proofreading guide)


Academic Skills Diagnostic Quiz

If you are not sure what your current knowledge and skill level is for the above topics then we recommend that you take our Academic Skills Diagnostic Quiz. HND students can access the quiz through their Moodle account; University of Northampton students through their NILE account. Some of the questions may seem quite tough at first, but there are answers and explanations provided. If you find you are really struggling, then this is a clear indication that you should come along to the StudyPlus lectures and seminars.

Academic Skills Surgery

If you would like one-to-one feedback on your spoken or written academic English, you can book a personal session with one of our academic skills tutors. You will need to submit 250 to 500 words of writing (or bring a draft of a presentation you have been asked to deliver) before you come along to the appointment. The tutor will check your writing before your appointment and then give you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, and direct you to resources which will help you in the areas in which you need to improve.

To book an appointment, please email


Recommended Resources

There are many excellent web sites that contain a wide range of useful information and exercises on Academic and Study Skills.

The following document directs you to some of the best, as well as providing a brief summary of the materials available in Birkbeck library and the University of Northampton NILE area:

Click here to open the document


University of Northampton Skills Hub

The University of Northampton, our partner university, has an excellent free study skills resource called Skills Hub. You can access this at:

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