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Stonewall Diversity ChampionWe are a Stonewall Diversity Champion, the UK's leading best-practice employers' forum for issues relating to sexual orientation and gender identity equality, diversity and inclusion.

We value diversity within our academic community and the huge range of experience and perspective that this brings. This is affirmed within our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and evidenced by our commitment to training in this area, the development and implementation of an Inclusive Curriculum and the creation of a very proactive Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team with a broad representation from both staff and students.

An appreciation of diversity and the equitable treatment of all are among our core values, underpinning our success as a community of scholars and servant leaders.

We have partnered with Stonewall to showcase our values to staff, students, the wider public and jobseekers to let them know we are committed to inclusion and recruiting diverse talent.

Stonewall Diversity Champions is the leading employers' programme for ensuring all LGBT staff are accepted without exception in the workplace.

We share the core belief in the power of a workplace that is truly equal and value an inclusive and accepting environment that allows people to be themselves; driving performance, engagement and innovation in our workplace and classrooms.

You can learn more about Stonewall here.

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