September 2017

Countdown to Fresher's 2017!

Freshers 2017

The suitcases aren't packed. The shopping isn't done. The clothes aren't ironed. But none of that changes the fact that the countdown to another year at LSBM has begun!

For some students, it will be their second, third or even fourth years.

They've seen it. Done it. Got the t-shirt. But for others, it may be the start of a new journey. The first step into a new life of study, play and life in London.

The new semester at LSBM 'officially' gets going on Monday 2 October.

The Summer Sun will set on weeks and weeks of not having to think about essays or exams, and you will be beckoned into juggling time spent on your course, with time spent doing other stuff that may be more immediately gratifying.

Immediate gratification will, however, begin before that for Freshers, as Student Central gears up for Fresher's Day on Friday 29 September 2017 between 12 noon and 5 pm.

Find out more here:

If you are a new student at LSBM, then rest assured that you will be given a warm welcome onto your course, but before that serious study stuff begins you first need to pick up the legendary 'Goodie Bag' on Friday 29 September.

Last year I 'revealed' all kinds of Life Lessons that could be learned from the freebies contained therein (you lucky people!)


This year, let's instead focus on the three main reasons you should go along to Fresher's Day.

1/ Freebies

Goodie BagThe first compelling reason is of course still freebies. I like free stuff. You probably do too. Free Student Central Goodie Bags will be handed out at the door, and while it is highly unlikely that every 100th Goodie Bag will include a Patek Philippe Watch and a new Apple X phone, there is a very good chance that all of them will include pens and keyrings and discount vouchers for all kinds of venues and activities that you don't (yet) know that you will enjoy doing.

For some of you, a discount voucher for a local coffee shop may lead you to meet the love of your life (these guys even wrote a song about it!)

For others it will simply be a gentle introduction to Student Central, get you acclimatised to where you will be spending the next several years of your life, have a wander around, see what the food facilities are like, kit yourself out in student apparel such as the obligatory, 'I Survived University and All I Got is This Lousy T-Shirt!' courtesy of the Student Shop (which also apparently sells 'useful' items like paper and highlighter pens).

You should come.

You do want to fall in love and be fashionable, don't you?

2/ Clubs and Societies

The second 'big' reason to pop along is to see the wide range of student clubs and societies that you can join and have a proper chat with the people who run them.

It is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed at times. To not realise that there are 'moments' in life that you need to grasp and seize the opportunities offered, because while you may think they will come again, or that you can take care of them on another day, that, in reality, that 'other' day never arrives. Breakdancing

Joining student clubs and Societies is like that.

In theory, they are always available. That's partly true. You can always learn, grow, and try new things at any age. So, if you want to take up Karate next year, or when you are 92, then you certainly can.

But there is a danger that you think you either have all the time in the world or else that you are 'too busy currently but will get around to it presently'.

Understandable, as you are probably thinking about all the suitcases you haven't packed, the shopping you haven't done, the clothing that sits un-ironed and that is without even worrying about any of the study stuff, reading lists or where you might live.

The thing is though that 'presently' won't come because you will always be busy.

Mark Twain said, 'The secret of getting ahead is getting started'.

When it comes to clubs and societies, 'getting started' means dragging yourself along to Fresher's Day and having a chat with some of the club organizers.

It is like good fiction. You already know the authors that you like, but sometimes you need to spread your wings and try reading something new.

Who knows when you will next have the chance to join the 'Breakdance Society'?

Higher Education can't just be about study. It has to be about a life in balance. So don't overlook the amazing range of clubs and societies that you can join as a student.

(It is also worth mentioning that the LSBM Student Guild has its own societies that you should consider joining. You can also learn more about your Student Guild President Delon Jones here.)

3/ Look at the Pool and Gym (and feel free to ignore them!)

Swimming Pool at Student Central

Gyms are great.

Pools are great.

Personally, I love them. Makes you feel alive to move your body. So, as Student Central has the largest swimming pool in central London (at a whopping 33.3m x 11.5m) and good gym facilities, then why wouldn't you want to look around?

It is also pretty cheap (for central London), if you are student, at £240 for the year. So, if you know that the slim, fit you is 'in there somewhere', waiting to be released by numerous gym and swimming sessions, then £20 a month isn't so much to pay.

(Honestly, to get that amount you do have to pay upfront for the year though. It's £32 a month if you pay on a month-to-month basis.)

Even if you are fairly sure that you don't want to join the gym, it's good to come and look. Watching other people workout always makes you glad that they are sweating and you are not, and it helps to build up an appetite for another cake and a cup of coffee in the downstairs Cafe.

(Apparently, they even have free food and drink that they are giving away on the day. So you might not even have to pay for it!)


That's it.

Another academic year is almost here folks.

Where did the last one go?!

Find out more details about Fresher's Day (and other events in Fresher's Week) and how you can get involved here.


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