October 2016

Seven Benefits of Foundation Year Degrees

Foundation Year Degrees - January 2016Another intake over!

We have now welcomed the latest set of happy students to the LSBM family from the September 2016 intake. They are now getting down to their studies as well as enjoying the many attractions that are less than 15 minutes’ walk from LSBM, and the many other social benefits of student life!

So, our thoughts naturally turn to January 2017 and extending our hospitality to a new set of students!

For a January 2017 start we have four courses that we (currently) have places available for (click on the links below to read details of each course):


Can you spot what three of them have in common? (There is a clue in the title!)

That’s right.

The first three are four year courses which all have a foundation year.

These courses represent a great opportunity to get accepted onto a degree course without having to have A-levels.

The entry requirements for each of those courses is very similar. You have to have 5 GCSEs at Grade C or above (or equivalent Level 2 qualifications), including English Language (and also including Maths for our accounting course), and have completed Year 11 at least 2 years prior to starting the course. (Plus IELTs at 5.5 - see benefit 5/ below - if you are an international student)


What Students is a Foundation Course ideal for?

Our four-year courses are ideal for any of the following circumstances:

1/ Someone who left school at 16 with 5 good GCSE’s and has been working for a few years, but now thinks that their future prospects may be improved by getting a degree.

2/ Someone who took A-levels for two years, but didn’t get the grades they needed for our three-year course, but has five good GCSEs, and is looking for a way back into taking a degree course.

3/ Someone who has 5 good GCSEs, and may even have A-levels, but who is attracted to the idea of a slightly longer four-year rather than three-year course. This may be for academic reasons. So that they can ‘ease’ themselves in to study at a higher degree level. Or it may be because they want to be a student for an extra year! Either reason is perfectly valid.


Seven Benefits of Foundation Year Degrees

1/ Ease your way back into studying!

Your first year is all about making sure you are working at the optimum level to pass a degree course. So you have more time to get up-to-speed before your marks really start to count towards your final degree classification.

2/ More chance to figure out the subject areas that interest you most

You have a whole extra year to test the waters of the degree you are studying. You can use this extra time to figure out the parts of your course that you like most, and then focus on those in the latter stages of your studies.

3/ Fill in any knowledge gaps that you may have

Students Thumbs Up Doing a four-year degree gives you the opportunity to fill in any gaps in your knowledge that may currently exist. This will not only make you more confident in the latter stages of your degree. It will also ensure that you get the best possible final degree classification.

Study needs to be built on firm foundations, and this will give you the extra time to do exactly that.

4/ It is easier to get on the course!

You may not have got the A-level grades you had hoped for. But this need not be terminal to your ambitions if you have good GCSEs, because of the opportunity to do a four-year foundation degree.

You will clearly have to make sure you have good study habits! The work needs to be done in order to smoothly progress on the degree. But at least you will basically be given a second chance to impress and prove that you’re A-level results were just a blip, or down to a particular set of circumstances, and not truly reflective of your talent or application.

5/ More time to improve your English if you're an international student

In order to get on one of our foundation degrees you will need reasonable English language skills to begin with. Specifically, applicants for whom English is a second language require IELTS at 5.5 (minimum 5.0 in each category). On the IELTS Scale (which runs from 1 to 9) this will put you somewhere between a ‘modest’ and ‘competent’ user of the English language. However, in order to get a job at the end of the course the reality is that the better your English is (particularly spoken English), the easier you are likely to find job interviews and communication in general.

You may decide that an extra year of study combined with improving your English skills is time that is very well spent.

In addition, LSBM can actively help with this! Our Centre for Academic Support and Enhancement (CASE) provides all of our students with free support, guidance and tuition in all areas of academic skills and English language. The service that we provide is aimed at improving your academic performance, regardless of your existing level: good students who want to be excellent ones are catered for equally with struggling students who want to achieve a pass level result.

6/ It can be a wake-up-call to start excelling!

If you didn’t get the grades you needed for other options, then you will have already tested one path that you know leads to academic grades you don’t like. This can be seen as positive, because it means you now have the opportunity to make a change. You can choose to excel. You can choose to be your best. The foundation degree can get you back on track to working hard and doing your best.

7/ Be a student for an extra year!

The truth is you don’t ‘need’ some dusty ‘academic’ reason to be a student for an extra year. Prince William chose to do a four-year degree for example. So if it’s good enough for Royalty…

LSBM is situated directly in the middle of central London, close to five underground stations including Euston Square and Tottenham Court Road (building location and maps here). We are also within easy walking distance from the British Library, the British Museum, Student Central and the party heart of the Capital.

There is a LOT of fun to be had!

Why not combine an extra year of studying a subject you like with having an amazing time for an extra year?

You will probably be working until you are 70! Why not have some fun now?


So, if any of this resonates with you. Or you would like to learn more about the options that are available then click here to fill out our enquiry form or call our Enquiries Line: +44(0)20 7078 8844 to talk to one of our Student Recruitment team about the options that are available.

We look forward to seeing you in January!


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