October 2015

Learning differences-persistence pays off                                                                               Noora Hamdani

My name is Noora Hamdani, I am 23 and have just completed my Business and Management degree at the London School of Business and Management.  This opportunity to study has boosted my confidence, inspired me to face challenges and helped me get closer to my goals. Successfully completing three years with caring and helpful lecturers has given me the chance to feel better about myself academically.

If you are a student who has any kind of learning difficulty, the staff will offer you advice and assistance to obtain the resources you need to make your study life comfortable and easy. During the three years I experienced ups and downs, because each individual has strengths and weaknesses with regard to particular modules. I had a very weak understanding of Accounting and Finance, but with the help and support of my lectures my progress was steady and easy, and my successes gave me the willpower to try harder.

I believe it is important to meet and interact with different people, as that gives you a chance to learn about different countries and cultures. During our classes we were given tasks that required group work, communication and understanding. This was a great way to associate with different people from all over the world.

It’s natural to start off being nervous at the beginning of the year, but after a while you will remember all the great moments you had during your time as an undergraduate.  My advice to all new students who study at the London School of Business and Management to keep your head held high and to always move forward.

Noora Hamdani
Business and Management (Top-up)
Graduated in 2015


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