November 2017

The LSBM Advantage

Dr. Claire Bright (left) and Dr. Konstantina (Nadia) Michail (right) at LSBM Graduation Ceremony 2017

We are now in that happy place between the start of one term and the Christmas break. (Regular readers of this blog will be pleased to hear that I have just enjoyed a mince pie to get myself in the ‘festive mood’!)

So, as we mull over the countdown to much eating and merriment, this seems like a good time to reflect on some of the things that LSBM is doing well.

If you are student who is already with us then feel free to read on smugly, safe in the knowledge that you have made a great choice.

If you are a ‘potential’ student who is thinking about joining us in January 2018, then here are a few of the ‘highlights’ of our course provision that you might want to reflect on before reaching a decision.

Going Deeper

LSBM is proud of the exciting courses that we offer.

We are specialists in three areas of academic study:

  • Business Management
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Law

This focus on just three areas means that where other higher education providers go wide with their course provision, we choose to go deeper.

There are a number of benefits of this approach for students who study their degree with us:


1/ We attract the best teachers.

  • Specialists - We are specialists in each of the areas we teach, and so we naturally attract the most talented teachers who want to explore their subject areas with students who are looking to leave with not just a degree, but a depth of knowledge of the subject that few of their peers will enjoy.
  • Better Qualified Teachers and Active Research Focus - 80% of our permanent academic staff are Fellows or Senior Fellows of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and we actively encourage everyone to pursue academic research (for example Dr. Claire Bright, pictured left in all her Doctorate finery at our recent LSBM Graduation ceremony). So, you are dealing with experts in their subject areas.

2/ We offer innovative course structures.

Our course structures set us apart from our peers. Notably:

  • The Foundation Year advantage - Being able to study foundation four-year courses in each of the above subject areas (with only limited qualifications) that empowers students to study for a degree by easing them into the study habits needed to succeed at degree level.
  • Possible to get a degree in just 1 Year! - 1-year Top Ups in BOTH Business Management, and Accounting and Financial Management - This means you could get a degree in just one-year (if you are willing to work very hard and intensely and have good grades in your A-levels) saving you a whole year (or two, or even three) of studying, course fees and living costs.
  • Innovative 2-Year Courses - 2-Year Accelerated courses for Business Management, Law, and Accounting and Financial Management – This can save you a whole year (or two) of studying, course fees and living costs
  • Traditional 3-Year courses (with a twist!) – Unlike other providers who only offer 3-Year degrees, because we also offer a 1-Year Top-up, 2-Year Accelerated AND 4-Year Foundation courses, we have a depth of experience in different teaching methods that is unrivaled in Higher Education and that adds an extra dimension to your studies with us. (See all of our undergraduate courses here)

3/ We offer more support to help you succeed.

  • Great Support - Our focus on high-quality specialism means that we are able to offer more individual academic support, smaller class sizes and help to our students.
  • Academic Innovation - We offer innovative programs such as StudyPlus to polish your skills and maximise your abilities.
  • Professional Exemptions - We offer some of the largest list of exemptions for our subject areas of any institution. Including CIMA, ACCA, and CILEx exemptions that can save you time and money and improve your employability.
  • Greater Access to Opportunities - Having our campus in the heart of London gives you access to opportunities, both academic and social, that may otherwise not be available.

There are of course many other elements to a great student experience. So, I could also mention:

  • Our amazing Student Guild (whose outstanding work has recently been highlighted at the prestigious ‘International Higher Education Annual Conference 2017’ with the winning of the ‘Excellence in Student Community’ award)
  • Our Lighthouse Events series that brings leading speakers to LSBM
  • A specialist Disability and Wellbeing Advisor (Dr Konstantina (Nadia) Michail, pictured right above) available to support and advise all our students, because we know that sometimes there are challenges and you made need some extra help.
  • SEWS Café, which brings a weekly spotlight to serving the support needs of our students with the aid of tea and cake, and many others.

But really, we think you should experience it for yourselves. Click here and send us the short form to let us know you are interested, and one of our Student Recruitment Team will contact you within one working day to arrange an invite for you to have a look around our campus, chat to the teachers and explore where you could be spending the next several years.

Everyone has choices. Sometimes they are tricky. But sometimes they are easy! And if you are thinking about studying business, law or accounting and finance in January, then at least coming and taking a look at what we have to offer is one of the easier ones.

Running out of mince pies however… Now that IS tricky!

Waitrose ‘all-butter’ or Iceland ‘luxury’ mince pies?

Choices… Choices!


Stuart Brown
Media and Content Manager

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