March 2018

Opportunity Knocks - LSBM Enterprise Initiative
"Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity." - Seneca

LSBM Enterprise InitiativeBeing prepared has been on our minds this week at LSBM. Fortunately, the sun has been shining this week after a cold weekend when it looked like we were set for a period of arctic conditions in London.

This welcome change in weather also heralded the opening salvo on 21 March of a new initiative that we have launched to enable a few lucky LSBM students to engage with more than theory and instead dip their toe into the 'real-world' of business, while still enjoying the support of leading lights at LSBM, and hopefully earning a few bucks in the process!

Government Theory Meets LSBM Action!

The Government have recently launched their 'Review of Post-18 Education and Funding' consultation (you can find it here if you are interested). The terms of reference of that are:

"The Government is committed to conducting a major review across post-18 education and funding to ensure a joined-up system that works for everyone. As significant reforms move into implementation, this review will look at how we can ensure that the education system for those aged 18 years and over is accessible to all, is supported by a funding system that provides value for money and works for students and taxpayers, incentivises choice and competition across the sector, and encourages the development of the skills that we need as a country."

LSBM already has among the cheapest fees of any higher-education provider in London (£6150 a year typically, compared to most other providers who are charging £9300 a year), as well as overall student satisfaction rates of 95.2% in the latest National Student Survey, so we already feel like we are doing well, and really want to let people know from our very best ambassadors, namely our current students, as to just how great it is to study here.

The results of any government review may take some time to filter down to the 'real-world'. But here at LSBM we like to move fast to stay at the cutting edge of what is possible, so in addition to our low fees and great student satisfaction, we wanted to be pro-active about helping to spread the word about LSBM, and at the same time extend an opportunity to our students that reflects the reality of the high-standards we already champion.

Launching the Enterprise Project Initiative

It is with those thoughts in mind that Matt Jansen, Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing at LSBM was pleased to launch the 'Enterprise Project Initiative' at an event on 21 March 2018 at SEWS, in the basement floor of our 99 Gower Street building, to a packed room of students. (You can see Matt (second from left) pictured above with two of the many students who attended, Abigail Dokun (left) and Mahmoud Ali (second from right), alongside Sarah Bailey, Deputy Director of Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success (SEWS) (right).

The focus of this innovative project is to help expand our student recommendation schemes, as so many of our students have a positive experience whilst studying at the London School of Business and Management, that sharing that good news with their friends and wider networks, while practicing real business skills (and profiting in the process) feels like a win-win for all parties.

We know from our overwhelmingly positive feedback that our students LOVE studying at LSBM!

Matt asked the students a simple question, 'What are the benefits of studying at LSBM?' and received a barrage of unprompted responses that included:

  • Low fees
  • Great location in the heart of London
  • Terrific support from academic and professional staff
  • Great student community
  • Lower entry requirements then many other providers (particularly for our Foundation year courses)
  • Diversity
  • Small class sizes
  • Plenty of activities outside of class
  • 2-Year Accelerated courses that typically save a year of study
  • Easy transport links and connectivity
  • Active Student Guild
  • Practical support programmes such as StudyPlus

LSBM Enterprise Initiative

It was great to hear first-hand how much our students think of us! (You can see a few of the students who attended in the photo - left to right are Calin Chirigut, Abigail Dokun, Gabriel Alie, Nasima Khatun, Abdullah Zubary and Gaia Buttitta. Apologies to Matilda Spencer, Mahmud Ali, Andon Tenev and the many other students who are just out of shot!)

Our Enterprise Project initiative has been established to help develop our own students who have a flair for commerce and marketing. The project is headed by Cal Courtney, Director of SEWS and Matt Jansen, Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing; who will work closely to help students who participate in the project to develop and implement business plans that can support others to study at LSBM.

We already know that nearly 50% of LSBM students are referred by a friend (which in itself is an amazing real-world 'seal of approval' for what we are doing), but that very few actually take advantage of our existing 'Recommend a Friend' scheme. This seems like a shame, both for them (because they miss out on the money they could have earned), and us, because there may well have been other opportunities where they could have let their wider network know about the benefits of studying at LSBM, but possibly haven't.

Like all opportunities, this isn't for everyone, but for those who are suited to it, the benefits of our 'Enterprise Project Initiative' can extend well beyond simply the financial.

Who is this for?

We are looking for a small group of entrepreneurial students to be ambassadors for LSBM. The ideal candidates may:

  • be target driven and ideally have some experience in a sales, business development or a customer-facing role
  • have access to a network of contacts who may be interested in studying one of our courses
  • have experience in social media marketing
  • be self-starters and able to work on their own initiative.

To be clear. This isn't a 'job', in the sense that you won't be 'employed' by LSBM. So we won't be providing you with a salary, office space or a telephone line, and you are going to have to be pro-active in 'making things happen' for yourself. But there are some great benefits if you are one of the lucky students chosen to take part.

If you are selected to join the project, you will receive:Gaia Buttitta

  • payment for each student you recruit (once we have recieved their first tuition fees)
  • sales training will be provided
  • senior LSBM staff members will provide you with ongoing support to develop a business plan to recruit students
  • ongoing support to help you implement that plan of action
  • be able to attend a weekly drop-in session on wednesdays at SEWS where we will be supporting you, reviewing your progress and seeing how we can help to maximise your results
  • we can also provide successful applicants with flyers, business cards and prospectuses (subject to explaining, to our satisfaction, how you intend to use them).

Fundamentally this project is about nuturing our students, showcasing all that is good about LSBM from the people who know us best (our students), and providing a practical example of leadership and how the worlds of academia and business can combine.

The participants will gain an invaluable insight into marketing, sales, administration and Student Loan Company (SLC) procedures. In addition, actually taking action enables a quicker learning curve then thinking about it. Practice trumps theory every time. So, if you are going to study a business degree, then actually trying to put some of those skills into practice before you leave LSBM can do you nothing but good. You may also make some money! (If you contact Matt below then he can discuss the detail of this with you)

Developing Real-World Sales Insights

The sales process is something that all of us encounter on a daily basis. Sales is the key driver of every business. Getting money through the door is what lubricates everything in a business to happen. No money means closed doors. What's more it is a 'crossover skill'. If you can sell other students on the benefits of LSBM (where appropriate, as clearly we need to be a good fit for their needs), then equally you can employ the same skillset in selling just about anything. (Pictured above is Gaia Buttitta discussing some of her sales experience at successfully getting new patrons to a resturant she worked at).

In addition to all the other benefits, if you get involved and have success, then you will have given a practical demonstration to all future potential employers that you are a person of action. Matt Jansen, Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing and Cal Courtney, Director of Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success at LSBM will be happy to provide a reference to successful participants in the program, which should also improve your future employment prospects after you leave us.

We have a dedicated page for the project here -

How can you apply?
The application deadline for this intake has now passed. But if you are interested in hearing when the next intake may be, then email Matt Jansen, Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing,


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