LSBM Lighthouse is the brand used to deliver a series of events and projects that promote employability, enterprise, internationalization and community involvement.

It officially launched on 4 Oct 2017 with an event which explored, 'How is the World Changing and How Can I Change With It?', but the external speakers part of the program has already been active at LSBM for over a year.

A key idea behind LSBM Lighthouse is that the world is becoming more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA). However, we can respond in ways using the same acronym - so that there is Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Agility.


'Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous'


'Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Agility'

Recognising this reality helps students navigate a 'VUCA' world while harnessing their LSBM experience and developing networks which support their success and wellbeing as well as the success and wellbeing of others.

An important part of LSBM Lighthouse is our External Speakers programme which centres on lunchtime talks by insightful and inspirational speakers from a variety of interesting backgrounds. This movement to inform, educate and inspire our students with great speakers really began in early 2016 under the direction of Usha Mistry, Head of Programme Development at LSBM with a whole series of events that championed entrepreneurship, enhanced our students knowledge of leading professional bodies, shone a spotlight on social issues and allowed our students to become inspired by hearing first-hand from leading industrialists and charities.

Here is a selection of write-ups from Stuart Brown, Media and Content Manager at LSBM, of the talks and events from that period which you may have missed!

Entrepreneurship and Business

Professional Bodies (Accounting)

Professional Bodies (Law)

Professional Bodies (Management)

Charity and Campaigning



Arif Zaman, Deputy Director, Centre for Research and Enterprise at LSBM then took on the baton of enhancing that legacy of speakers, with the assistance of the Student Guild and SEWS.

Some of the events that have already successfully concluded include: (the links are to the write-ups of the events by Stuart Brown, Media and Content Manager at LSBM) 

We were pleased to be building on those firm foundations of talks as we officially launched LSBM Lighthouse in October 2017.

The External Speakers Programme is focused on transferring knowledge, building trust, establishing networks and encouraging students to play a helpful, creative and worthwhile role in the world.

The LSBM Lighthouse brand is the latest innovative initiative in a well-established tradition of offering outstanding events that are freely available to students, staff and the wider public.


LSBM Lighthouse Events

Since October 2017, we have already had eleven great events under the new banner of LSBM Lighthouse! You can read Stuart Brown, Media and Content Manager's write-ups of those here:

2018 Events

2017 Events

Upcoming LSBM Lighthouse Events

Wed 28 Feb 2018 - 1pm - 2pm: Towards a Common Future: Security
Wed 14 Mar 2018 - 1pm - 2pm: Towards a Common Future: Fairness

Note - In order to attend you will need to register on Eventbrite (available through the event links above) so that we know room capacities, facilities etc that may be needed.

You can also see our All Upcoming Events page and LSBM Events pages.


The Six Pillars of LSBM Lighthouse

There are six main (current) pillars to LSBM Lighthouse that extends our intended reach way beyond the original seeds of the idea, which were lunchtime talks by great speakers. Many of the other initiatives (particularly 2 - 6) will be primarily championed by the Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success Division (SEWS) with assistance from the Student Guild, PAL representatives, and staff members. These are as follows:

1/ External Speaker Programme

You can see a list of all future LSBM and Lighthouse Events here (and also above).

2/ LSBM Artist in Residence Programme - This was first announced by Cal Courtney, Director, Centre for Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success back in July 2017.

"When we talk about our vision for our students and what kind of graduates we want to create, one of the characteristics we want them to have is to be creative, because creative people can survive change. For that reason we are going to be launching an Artist in Residence programme from October 2017 at LSBM. Working hand-in-hand with students, but not just to create art, but also to lead a dialogue on what it is to be a creative person."

This is a unique project that is aimed at encouraging students to develop their creative skills and understand the process of generating original ideas which have value.

Realising that vision and getting the right person to take on the challenge has taken a little longer than originally intended, but Cal Courtney was pleased to announce in December  2017, that the new LSBM Artist in Residence, starting from January 2018, will be celebrated artist Fiddian Warman.

3/ Social Storm - An experiential learning opportunity for students to collaborate on finding innovative solutions to global issues through a curated hackathon during Global Entrepreneurship Week in November 2017.

Learn more about the event at: 

4/ Social Enterprise Festival - This takes place over 3 days across London with other academic partners in March 2018.

5/ The Bloomsbury Leadership Forum - This brings people together who have had important experiences of leadership to discuss their insights in a small seminar format with discussions to be published by LSBM as the Transactions of the Bloomsbury Leadership Forum.

This was announced in July 2017, and Cal Courtney, Director, Centre for Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success, had this to say about the initiative.

"Under the Lighthouse Project, we are also launching the Bloomsbury Leadership Forum... This will bring people together to actually talk about what Leadership and Ethical Leadership mean in the 21st Century."

6/ Commonwealth Research Network on International Business - Offer quarterly seminars with other academic partners in the lead-up to the UK becoming Chair of the Commonwealth from April 2018 (for two years).


Details of LSBM Lighthouse events are posted on your VLE, advertised at the Centre for Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success, at the Student Guild, and are also posted above on this Lighthouse page and on the LSBM Events page.

We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

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