July 2015

A student’s experience at the London School of Business and Management
                                                                         Ramin Nassajpour
I started my first year in Business Studies at the London School of Business and Management in September 2014. It was a completely new environment, but I wanted to meet new people and learn new things. Studying in Central London has many benefits; you are in the heart of one of the most multicultural cities in the world. This multinational perspective was evident in my lectures and it has given me an understanding of the global nature of the business world.

What first comes to mind when I think about my experience this year are my lecturers. Most of our lecturers are young, so they relate to how we feel about studying. They are enthusiastic and use different  approaches  to  pass  on  information  in  their  lectures,  rather  than  just  using  the  same traditional style of teaching. 

Before I  started, I  wasn’t  sure of  the career I  wanted to follow. My marketing lecturer  is fun and enthusiastic about teaching, and he is passionate about the subject. As the module progressed, I developed an interest in marketing, and I now have an academic and professional route I would like to follow in the future.

During the first lectures the students got to know each other and the lecturers taught us the basics of our  Virtual  Learning  Environment  (VLE)  with  its  self-service  portal,  extra  study  materials,  posted lectures  and discussion boards.

I found the beginning of the course quite challenging due to the new subjects; they were harder than I had anticipated. However, the lecturers were skilled in relating the subjects they taught to our day-to-day lives, which made it a lot easier to understand. I was in some study groups; and we helped eachother in subject areas we were struggling with - this proved helpful during exams. Our lecturers also organised  extra  revision  sessions  for  us.  In  some  of  these  we  could  practice  improving  our assessment skills such as essay writing and time management.

I have developed many skills,  such as report writing and delivering presentations - improving my employability significantly. I can now present ideas with confidence and professionalism. I have also become better at handling the pressure of a greater work load and now organise my time and work more efficiently.

Social life is an important part of the university experience, and Freshers parties account for a lot of the fun at the start of the year. I enjoyed the first few parties I attended, in particular, setting the Guinness record for the most people dressed as Spider-Man in the Student Central building with students from University College London, the Royal Academy of  Arts,  the School  of Oriental  and African Studies, and my friend from the London School of Economics. This event allowed me to meetmany new people from around the world, including France, the U.S.A and China, and I ended up hanging out with many of them during the semester. Plus – it didn’t hurt to receive a free Spider-Man costume to keep.

I wouldn't have believed it possible to change so much in one year!

One year at the London School of Business and Management and I am a changed man! :)

Ramin Nassajpour 
Student  Body President


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