LSBM Fantasy Football League 2018-19

07 Aug 2018

The World Cup has recently finished, and although 'It's Coming Home' didn't quite happen (only another 4 years!). We are pleased to say that staff and students at LSBM don't have to wait that long for their next football fix, because LSBM Fantasy Football League is back for another year!

The LSBM Fantasy Football League Champion 2017-18 was John Fairhurst, coach of, The Proppers!

The Proppers have now clinched their second championship, fighting off a spirited challenge from Rabii Mounsif and the El Brunos in second.

John has donated his £72 winnings to the LSBM charity Santa Maria Education Fund in Paraguay, so kudos for that.

Winner of the wooden spoon competition was Cal Courtney with his team, The Poppers, who, in time, effortlessly shrugged off an early challenge from the HappyFaceUnicornGang (in second to last place), coached by Stephane Middleton.

Last year we had 15 people take part, and we would like many, many more, so that John has some proper competition.

Here are the final standings from last years competition:

1/ The Proppers - John Fairhurst - 2209 points - WINNERS!!!
2/ El Brunos - Rabii Mounsif - 2100 points
3/ Rollos - Andy Butt - 1998 points
4/ Matt-er of Fact - Matt Jansen - 1983 points
5/ Theo's Galabas - Theo Miller - 1930 points
6/ The Team Who Knocks - James Southby - 1920 points
7/ Iheanachos N Cheese - Tom Fairhurst - 1915 points
8/ Skorpions - Venkat Banda - 1907 points
9/ May th best Mane win - Iftakhar Ahmed - 1903 points
10/ Bartski FC - Bartosz Jaworski - 1901 points
11/ fayealhindawi - Faye Al-Hindawi - 1807 points
12/ The Bohemians - Calin Chirigut - 1660 points
13/ Flamin Fantastic - Maria Jackson - 1622 points
14/ HappyFaceUnicornGang - Stephane Middleton - 1550 points
15/ The Poppers - Cal Courtney - 1192 points


Join the LSBM Fantasy Football League 2018-19 for the ultimate chance to have bragging rights over your fellow students and teachers!

No cash prizes this year! Just like professional footballers, we know that the joy of playing is enough. Er well, actually... Still no cash prizes! Plenty of bragging rights though!

This is open to both staff and students at LSBM, and whoever has the most points at the end of the season will be the LSBM Fantasy Football League Champion!

To join the league...

Simply create a team at:

You will need the code: 2544941-578913 to join our league.

Please try to do so before 7pm on Friday 10 August 2018, so you can enter for the first round of games!

Right... What is 'Soccer' then?

If you’re still not sure what I’m going on about, here is the shortest video that Matt Jansen (organiser par-excellence and Spurs fan) could find to explain what Fantasy Football is all about and how to enter!

If you have any further questions then most of them will be answered on the Fantasy Premier League help pages here. Or, feel free to drop Matt a line at and he'll be happy to help.  

Will YOU be our next champion?

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