Artist in Residence - Update

18 May 2018

Fiddian Warman took up the post of LSBM Artist in Residence in January 2018. Fiddian is the founder and director of the Society of Digital Artists (SoDA) and has designed and delivered an enormous range of creative projects since it was founded.

You can learn more about the ethos behind the Artist in Residence project here.

Over the next few weeks students are likely to encounter our Artist in Residence, Fiddian Warman, sitting on a shoeshine box on various parts of the campus.  Fiddian is inviting students to sit down with him as he shines their shoes and chat about their experiences of LSBM.  He will gather students’ impression of their time here and capture the stories they have to tell as part of the latest iteration of the Artist in Residence project.  Later, some of the most engaging things students have to say will be etched into the table tops and work surfaces of the Student Guild as it undergoes its refurbishment in the coming months.

Fiddian describes this latest development as having come about from ongoing conversations with students and staff. 

“It became obvious to me that I was dealing with a student population rich in experience, often experiences one wouldn’t typically expect from university undergraduates.  I am amazed at the challenges which many of the students here have faced in getting to where they are today and it struck me the voices of these students could in some way be expressed in the physical environment as a reminder of what makes LSBM special and as an encouragement to all students to keep going despite whatever difficulties they may encounter.”

Cal Courtney, who as Director of the Centre for Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success curates the project added,

“It’s just great to see the student buy-in.  We set out with a simple objective, to remind each other of the crucial role creativity plays in living life well, and to consider the potential of our creative capacities to transform our working lives. 

Four months in and we have all these conversations taking place around the campus, students and staff discussing what’s going on, giving their ideas and shaping what we are doing together. 

Soon we will launch a formal dialogue between the students, staff and artist as we host salons in various locations around Bloomsbury. 

The salons, inspired by the strong literary tradition of the neighbourhood, will give us all the opportunity to define for ourselves what it means to be creative people and how this can be married to the idea of work in order to enrich our own lives and the lives of the communities in which we live.”

Details of forthcoming salons will be published on Canvas and the website.  Keep your eyes peeled!

Our Artist in Residence project is part of LSBM Lighthouse, which you can learn more about here.


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