LSBM Student Awards 2018

11 May 2018

We were proud to yesterday evening host the LSBM Student Awards 2018, where students and staff gathered in our sun-soaked Bedford Square building to celebrate the achievements of LSBM students who have worked hard over the last 12 months and attained excellence in their fields of study. 

We also looked to the future and awarded LSBM scholarships to 3 students from Leyton Sixth Form College and Christ the King: Aquinas who, through their academic achievements and commitment to their local communities, have demonstrated the character and calibre necessary for success in the field of Higher education. 

John Fairhurst, Academic Principal and Managing Director had this to say upon welcoming people to the awards:

"Good evening.  It’s wonderful to see you all here tonight to mark this special occasion and I hope all our visitors, friends, students and staff have a great time.  

The values and purpose of LSBM speak of transforming human lives through the power of education.  Occasions such as this give us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the importance of these values and celebrate the efforts of those among us who have embodied them most impressively.  To all those who will win awards tonight, I want to offer the heartfelt congratulations of the entire academic community here and thank you for living so well the standards and principles we believe in.

It has not been easy for any of you and not only have you shown the academic ability and work ethic to succeed, you have also shown the resilience needed to deal with your academic careers when there are frequently other demands on your time and resources.  You are not the only ones here to have shown these qualities, but you have showed them to such a degree that it is only right and proper that we acknowledge and reward that.

Well done and thank you to you all."

The award winners were:

Foundation Year 

Excellent Engagement and Outstanding Progress (4 winners)

Tyson Fearon 
Mihaela Muscalu 
Paulina Gavrilova
Georgiana Ursachescu 

Accounting and Financial Management 

Scholarship Award - Level 4

Beata Dudak

Academic Achievement Award - Level 5

Mihaela Patratanu

Academic Achievement Award - Level 6

Felix Grant Rennick

Business Management

Scholarship Award - Level 4

Soufiane Lachhab

Academic Achievement Award - Level 5

Claudia-Florentina Nourescu

Academic Achievement Award - Level 6

Dianna Williams


Scholarship Award - Level 4

Delon Jones 

Academic Achievement Award - Level 5

Georgiana Ilinca 

Academic Achievement Award - Level 6

Tess Ciocci


Contribution to the Academic Life of LSBM Award

Eleonora Affronte


LSBM Scholarships

Over the last number of years, LSBM has also been proud to develop partnerships with local schools and to support students we encounter who really show the potential to succeed in higher education.  

Matt Jansen, Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing led this partnership project and announced the following recipients of the latest LSBM scholarships, who will be joining us to study in October 2018.

Each scholarship is worth £3,000 on entry towards tuition fees, with the potential to receive an additional £3,000 in both Years 2 and 3 of the degrees they are studying, subject to academic performance, meaning the scholarship could be worth £9000 to each of the following recipients. 


Christ The King: Aquinas

CTK-LSBM Scholarship

Loida Pardenas (see our related post about this here)  

Leyton Sixth Form College 

Leyton-LSBM Scholarship Award

Henna Mahmood 
Tiarnan McMahon 

We would like to thank everyone who attended last nights ceremony, and wish all the students who won awards, or who were awarded scholarships, all the best for the future.

Stuart Brown
Media and Content Manager

Pictured from left to right are: 
Matt Jansen, Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing
Cal Courtney, Director of Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success (SEWS)
Henna Mahmood, Leyton-LSBM Scholarship Award winner
Loida Pardenas, CTK-LSBM Scholarship winner
John Fairhurst, Managing Director and Academic Principal

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