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08 Feb 2018

Our Learning Technology Team are always looking for new and better ways to support our students. We want to ensure that you get all the help you need with the 'techy' side of learning technology, so that your educational journey with us is as smooth as possible.

(Pictured are the Learning Technology Team (otherwise known as 'The Dreamteam!') of Iftakhar Ahmed (left) and Tony Alma Kiangebeni (right) who are both Learning Technologists, and Geraldine Murphy (centre) who is the Head of Teaching and Learning at LSBM.)

The technology side of delivering education is ideally invisible. You use it, and it works! That is the goal. But we know that sometimes you will need help with the different software and technology avenues that we make available. So, for that reason the Learntech team have setup a Learning Technology Student Support blog that you will find here:

(Please note you can also find this linked to as 'Student LT Blog' under 'Student Area' in the top right of every page on the LSBM website).

Here is how the team describe this great new resource:

"This online resource was designed to provide help, support and provide guidance to all students at the push of a button. This support blog will cover all matters relating to the use of Canvas, eBooks and online resources throughout your period of study at LSBM.

To use this blog, you can either use the search bar to find something specific you need, Turnitin help, for example. Alternatively, just use the ‘Categories’ on the left hand side to browse through guidance on a particular topic.

The Learning Technology Team, who have designed this blog for you, are located in our Gower Street Building on the second floor. We always welcome students to our office to discuss any problems or issues relating to your online study. We are available Monday to Friday from 9-5pm, and if we aren’t around, you can use this blog to help you!

Don’t forget, you can always email the team at:

You can also follow us on Twitter: @LearnTechLSBM

If you need further help then our Learning Technology Team run a series of practical workshops for students, which are available during term time.

You can find a current list of upcoming workshops on subjects such as getting the most out of Microsoft Powerpoint, Essential Excel, how to reference your work, using Turnitin, Canvas, Microsoft Word, and many more, here:

These workshops are held in the 1st Floor IT Classroom at 99 Gower Street, and gaining permission to attend is usually as simple as emailing the Learning Technology team!

This is a great resource and well-worth every student looking at regularly.

We care about you succeeding, so if the learning technology we use to deliver our courses is a stumbling block for you, then please contact our Learning Technology team at to discuss how we can help.

Stuart Brown
Media and Content Manager

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