Social Storm 2017 - The Winners!

23 Nov 2017

Social Storm brought together 160 students to tackle 2 global societal challenges in 24 hours.

The fourth annual Social Storm was held on 17-18 November for 160 students from 11 universities across Europe. Students in multinational teams collaborated for 24 hours to design, research and pitch solutions to two Sustainable Development Goals; combating climate change and building sustainable cities.

LSBM was proud to play host to over 40 of them, including LSBM students Dominika Staszalek and Endris Talani who you can see pictured here waiting to get started!

This year’s winning team designed a crypto currency platform, to enable people to exchange low level support and services with their neighbours, to create inclusive local communities.  

Well done to 'Team Barth - with their app Unity!' - You can view their video pitch here

The winning students represented University of Edinburgh, IE, and Loughborough University London.

Finbarr Carter, part of the Social Storm team had this message for participants.

"Firstly, I wanted to raise my hat to you all for coming along and giving up a good proportion of your weekend. 

But you all did so much more than that: showing up and shining, overcoming challenges, developing brilliant ideas, challenging preconceptions and coming out after all that with a smile (generally).

There was a very mixed range of experience from groups that worked really well together to collaborate and innovate; whereas others got into communication battles, team working challenges, and for some of you it was not always possible to resolve these. 

For me Social Storm is not about the destination but the journey. I truly believe you've probably learnt a lot."

Through events such as 24-hour hackathons, Social Storm facilitates the connection and collaboration between young people, businesses and not-for-profit organisations, to find innovative solutions to our global issues. The aim is to build a community of creative, passionate young future leaders who will create innovative, disruptive and sustainable solutions to tackle the challenges we face globally.  

Helen Ots this year’s organiser, said:

“Every year it is astounding to see the passion and energy participants have to tackle societal challenges, and fascinating to watch the incredible progress each team makes under challenging conditions.”   

Cal Courtney, Director, Centre for Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success (SEWS) at LSBM had this to say about the event:

"I think it's fantastic. There were over 40 participating at LSBM and hundreds of students participating worldwide. It was incredibly inspiring to be with this vibrant group of young people who were committed to finding business solutions to some of the biggest problems facing the planet at the moment."

Social Storm is an organisation founded by enterprise educators, with the aim of connecting passionate enterprising young people to innovate on solutions to solve global issues. 

You can find out more about Social Storm on their website here

Finally... A few thanks...

LSBM would like to thank all of the staff who gave up their time to oversee the event, all of the organisers for working for untold hours (many for months before the event) to make it happen, and IT guru's across all the institutions for interconnected 'IT-type-magic' that let the teams interact across the world.

Above all, a big thank-you to the participants. In truth, you are all winners because you are trying to make a difference.

As Mark Twain once said, "Let us endeavour so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry."

The world is changed by people like you. Keep going!

Stuart Brown
Media and Content Manager

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