LSBM Lighthouse - Towards a Common Future: Sustainability

"A fantastic opportunity to engage students on the main areas of focus for the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting" 

Event 2 of 4: Towards a Common Future: Sustainability - Clive Harridge

  • Week 5: Wed. 14 February - Towards a Common Future:Sustainability: Clive Harridge, Commonwealth Association of Planners and Director, Environment and Infrastructure Division, as well as a student from the Accounting Society. The event will focus on discussing building the resilience of small and vulnerable states to deal with the effects of climate change and other global crises.  

The London School of Business and Management Lighthouse External Speakers’ Programme set against a ‘VUCA’ world of heightened volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity uses the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in London in April 2018 ( as an opportunity to engage with external stakeholders in key areas that impact business and higher education now and in the future.  

One in three people on the planet is from a Commonwealth country with its 52 countries spanning the richest to the poorest, the biggest to the smallest with 60% of its population aged 29 or under. Bilateral costs for trading partners in Commonwealth countries are 20% less than between those in non-member countries and half of the top 20 global emerging cities are in the Commonwealth. As such the Commonwealth provides a microcosm of the global community and a powerful, though under-used, way to make sense of global trends and issues from diverse voices and how they affect all of us, whether as students, employees, or citizens.

With the theme of ‘Towards a Common Future’, leaders will work to address common challenges, and focus on delivering:-

  • A more prosperous future
  • A more sustainable future
  • A more secure future
  • A fairer future 

For the first time, civil society organisations from business, trade unions, NGOs and a wide variety of civil society and professional organisations working in areas from education to urban planning have come together to say what matters from their perspectives in each of these areas. Four short papers have been prepared for the CHOGM meeting by these organisations and Lighthouse will provide an exclusive opportunity to hear what these key messages are and contribute to the conversation.  

As before events are open to other Knowledge Quarter Partner organisations in Bloomsbury and Euston and especially students and younger people to build interdisciplinary dialogue and understanding. Invitations have also been extended to Commonwealth organisations. LSBM is proud to be a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.


About Clive Harridge:

Clive Harridge is Director and Head of Planning, Transport and Design at Wood plc. Clive’s team of over 100 staff provides services to property, Government, infrastructure, power, transport, water, mining, waste and other sectors. 

In 2006 Clive became President of the Royal Town Planning Institute - the first ever President elected by membership ballot. Clive's Presidential theme was "Get Real about Sustainable Development!" and he used his Presidential year (he is now a 'Past' President) to champion good practice in all aspects of sustainability across the UK and internationally.

Clive has been the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP) since 2010.  CAP represents over 40,000 planners across 28 countries in the Commonwealth. The organisation is active globally in promoting the need for sustainable development and supporting planners in tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges including natural disasters, rapid urbanisation, poverty, inequality and climate change.

Clive became a Freeman of the City of London in 2007. 

Panels will aim to include a student from one of the Student Societies or the Students Guild. 

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