December 2017

LSBM Artist in Residence - Celebrating the JourneyFiddian Warman - LSBM Artist in Residence

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Back in July 2017, Cal Courtney, Director, Centre for Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success at LSBM (pictured here) was pleased to announce that LSBM would be introducing an Artist in Residence program:

"When we talk about our vision for our students and what kind of graduates we want to create, one of the characteristics we want them to have is to be creative, because creative people can survive change.

For that reason, we are going to be launching an Artist in Residence programme from October 2017 at LSBM.

Working hand-in-hand with students, but not just to create art, but also to lead a dialogue on what it is to be a creative person."

Realising that vision and getting the right person to take on the challenge has taken a little longer than originally intended, but we are pleased to now announce an early Christmas present for the creative health of everyone at LSBM, with Cal Courtney making this announcement to LSBM staff last week:

“I am delighted to announce that Fiddian Warman (pictured) has agreed to take on the post of Artist in Residence, beginning in January 2018. Fiddian is the founder and director of the Society of Digital Artists (SoDA) and has designed and delivered an enormous range of creative projects since it was founded.

His work has evolved from sculpture, ceramics and carpentry, through electronics and lighting, to encompass contemporary innovations including software design, micro-controllers and the Internet of Things (IoT). Some of you may remember his digital art displays on London bus stops during the Cultural Olympiad which accompanied the 2012 Olympic Games in London. 

He is a passionate believer in the transformative effects of great art and is constantly experimenting with the latest craft, software and design techniques, giving SoDA a strong reputation in the art community.  An interview with Fiddian which explains his work in the Olympic Park can be viewed here:

As well a strong commitment to design, Fiddian has led SoDAs business development and client relations since its inception. He builds strong relationships with clients, based around trust, mutual respect and collaboration.

He completed his degree in Fine Art from Camberwell School of Art before proceeding to graduate with an MA in Digital Arts from Middlesex University. He has been a guest lecturer at institutions such as Birkbeck and Queen Mary University, and regularly consults for organisations such as the British Council.

Fiddian will be spending time on campus from January. As Artist in Residence, Fiddian will engage LSBM students and staff in a dialogue around the meaning of creativity and what it looks like when it is lived in the context of our work and study.  From this dialogue we hope some really interesting projects get off the ground, enhancing the quality of the experience here at LSBM as well as projecting onto the outside world our commitment to quality and innovation in the higher education sector.”


The Journey, Not the Destination

Patronage has always played a big part in the development of works of art, but the modern ‘Artist in Residence’ take is more subtle and modern than that, developing as a movement with a wave of programs that started in the early 20th Century that offered the promise of a deeper relationship between artist and sponsor.

LSBM now joins the ranks of many other successful Artist in Residence programs across the world.

The LSBM Artist in Residence Programme aims to be different from others in the genre, in that we see this very much as an immersive residency that will involve all staff and students at LSBM and take them on a journey of discovery, rather than simply being about producing a ‘final’ piece of work.

We received over 50 applications for the residency opportunity at LSBM, but Cal felt immediately that Fiddian ‘got’ what we are trying to do with this exciting new venture and would be a great fit for what we are trying to achieve.

Lauded Conductor Simon Rattle, who has recently picked up the baton as Music Director of The London Symphony Orchestra summed it up perfectly when he said:

“Always the journey, never the destination”

All of us spend much of our lives engaged in trying to ‘arrive’ somewhere else. Not only physically, but also metaphorically. We may feel like we need a new job, more money, better health, more friends etc. The list could literally go on and on of ‘destinations’ where we would like to be.

At this time of year, all of us are starting to think about goal-setting and the things that we may want to achieve over the coming year.

It may be that we will end up ‘losing that 20 pounds’ that has been stubbornly gripping our midriff for the longest time. But the health benefits and the changes all start granularly from day one. It may be that we start by cutting down our portion sizes, eat different meals, eat fewer meals, take up a new diet, exercise more, take up a new sport or hobby, or change some aspect of our lives that is causing us to pile on the pounds.

The linking factor is that it is all of these changes ‘en-route’ to the ‘destination’ of losing that weight that are the real-payoffs from the experience. Sure, you may be able to better fit into your jeans when you have lost the weight, and you may feel like you look better. But making new friends at a squash club, discovering you actually quite like some types of salad, realizing that having smaller meals makes you feel mentally sharper most of the time. Those are the discoveries on the ‘journey’ that really make the ‘difference’ in your life, and which are the ultimate payoff from the experience after that first decision to move towards something has been taken.

So, one initial impetus for our Artist in Residence program may be to wonder what amazing work Fiddian will produce by the end of the residency, but ultimately, it will be the discoveries that students and staff at LSBM, the wider community, and Fiddian himself make on this exciting journey of discovery that will define the success of the project.

If the thought of this project already has you excited, and you feel like you would enjoy taking part in some way, then please get in touch with Cal Courtney, Director, Centre for Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success at LSBM at to express an interest in being involved.

He would LOVE to hear from you!

P.S Happy Christmas!

Stuart Brown
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