December 2016

LSBM Blog – A Year in Review

LSBM Blog - A Year in Review

Another year over and a new one close by!

2016 has been filled with fast moving developments and good news for LSBM.

Here are the LSBM blog highlights from a year that has just whizzed on by:

January 2016

Jason Nye came in to talk to LSBM students about the many benefits of CIMA. He points out that accounting isn't just useful at tax time! A sentiment that our Accounting and Finance students will no doubt welcome as they embark on their (in most cases) multiple-year degree courses.

The year is beckoned in with smiling students and an increase in accounting knowledge!

February 2016

Not Guilty! Not Guilty!

Sharon Smith came in to chat to our law students about being a Magistrate, delving into her experiences, the process of becoming a magistrate, what they do, how they do it, and what you might expect if you ever start on the process of trying to become one.

Some of the realities of becoming a magistrate may surprise you. The youngest magistrate currently in the UK was just 18 when they were appointed! (Though this is a rarity, only 0.38% of magistrates were under 30 in April 2015).

More fun facts like this make this gripping and essential read for law students everywhere!


March 2016

All change on the GCSE front!

Most of our students have taken them at some time, and over the last thirty or so years there has been plenty of tinkering around with the qualification.

As-of 2017 though there will be a new grading system implemented for this stalwart of the education system that will see the grading system change to a rating of between 9 and 1 (rather than A* to G)

If you missed the lowdown on this, then never fear! Here it is again!


April 2016

UCAS Fairs are a standard fixture on the calendar both for most higher education institutions and for A-level students who are looking to explore their degree options.

There is however more fun to be had at the typical UCAS Fair then you might at first realise! And there is a definite logic to how to approach them to maximise the benefits for your time and effort in attending.

Here is the lowdown on how to do exactly that.


May 2016

Just like any other institution of higher education, LSBM is externally monitored to ensure that our teaching standards remain consistently high, and that we continue to raise the educational bar for the benefit of our students.

In May 2016 I talked about the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and the many points of good practice that they had identified at LSBM.

You can read more about that here:


June 2016

Going away to higher education is among the biggest moments in anyones life. It is an exciting time for sure, filled with all kinds of promise both academically and socially. But it can also be stressful. It usually involves changing where you live, adapting to new people and places, and learning how to study a subject at a much higher level of intensity.

At times this can get overwhelming, and ensuring that the mental health of students remains balanced, healthy and in-tune is important.

In this post I discussed many of the other ways that you can both spot potential mental health issues in others, or get help if you yourself are suffering and could do with a helping hand and a friendly shoulder to lean on.


July 2016

Remember when the sun was shining?!

Probably not. But trust me it did in July, and it cheered everyone up enough for me to write about six great places that are all less than a 15-minute walk from LSBM.

The good news though is that most of them are indoors! So the walk to get there may be cold. But it is sufficiently short not to matter, even in winter! And once you get there you will be warm again!

Check them out here:

August 2016

'Clearing' may sound like the title of a dodgy Sci-Fi movie. It does however double up as the name for the annual D-Day for students who haven't quite got the A-level grades they wanted, and who are now looking for alternative degree courses to allow them to fulfil their study ambitions.

Clearly NOT getting the A-level grades you were hoping for can be stressful. But, whether you choose to see it as a glass half-full, or glass half-empty moment is up to you.

I discuss why here:

September 2016

'A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!' – King Richard, Richard the Third Act 5, scene 4, 7-10 – William Shakespeare

King Richard may have been onto something with this declaration.

The modern day student equivalent is:

'A goodie bag, a goodie bag! My student loan for a goodie bag!'

Because the quality of the goodie bag's during Fresher's Week has definitely gone up over the years.

This year's free stuff was no exception, as it was sponsored by all kinds of (mostly) snack type companies, so there were plenty of good nibbles and free pens on offer.

I discussed the intricacies and thumbs-up fun of Fresher's Week Goodie Bags in this post.


October 2016

Foundation Year Degrees are something of a speciality at LSBM.

We offer them for our Law, Accounting and Finance, and Business Management degree courses.

We love to support our students, and one of the key ways that we do that is by offering Foundation Year Degrees that represent a great opportunity to get accepted onto a degree course without having to have A-levels.

I discuss the many benefits of these courses here:


November 2016

One of the great things about studying a degree is that more employment opportunities open up once you have qualified.

One of those opportunities is to pursue a career in Human Resources (HR). This is a considerably more varied option then most people may realise.

Paula Lewis, who currently works in the NHS, and who has many years of experience with working in the field, came in to talk to LSBM students about the many benefits of pursuing a career in this area.

So, if HR is a 'Career Hat' that you might fancy trying on, then check out this post here:


December 2016

Here we are folks!

Another year over.

What will the next year bring? Who knows.

But what is certain is that Christmas is just around the corner. Black Friday has gone (I bought a new electric toothbrush!) And that academically and socially there is much to be cheerful about.

Here at LSBM we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Christmas for 2016!

If 2016 wasn't all you hoped it would be, then be reassured that 2017 can be better.

If 2016 was pretty great then you are on an upward momentum.

Either way, we look forward to serving you to the best of our ability in 2017!

Until then…
Ho! Ho! Ho!


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