December 2015

Student Graduation Ceremony Marked By Clear Skies, Warm Smiles and Great Speeches

Friday 4th December saw the London School of Business and Management (LSBM) host a graduation ceremony for around sixty graduates, plus staff and guests, of HND Business, HND Computing, BA (Hons) Business and BSc Business Computing Systems courses.

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Staff at an LSBM Graduation Ceremony 4th Dec 2015

The atmosphere was both celebratory and a little nervous as the Academic procession made their way up the centre aisle of the large lecture theatre in their academic finery. Thankfully though, no-one tripped up in their long gowns and everyone was left with a sense of the wealth of academic firepower that is available to students of LSBM.

The proceedings were opened by Master of Ceremonies Patricia Walker, MA and John Fairhurst, MPhil, the Academic Principal of LSBM. With the commencement address being delivered by Cal Courtney, MPhil, Head of Student Engagement and Success at LSBM.

Cal Courtney

The arena of commencement addresses at graduation ceremonies is one that already has a long and distinguished history.

Here are two notable ones from American universities:

But, the UK has its own share of speeches that have stood the test of time. For example, Winston Churchill’s ‘Never Give in’ speech was delivered as a commencement address to students at Harrow School in October 1941. The famous (and usually misquoted) part being:

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” (Read the full text of the speech here)

Intuitively everyone present at a graduation ceremony, and especially the graduates, knows that they are marking a distinct ‘turning point’ in their lives. In poetic terms it is a little like the rising of the sun, the clearing of fog from a city street or looking over a long bridge into the distance.

It is a moment of transition.

A moment when you acknowledge the past, embrace the promise of the future and notice the difference.
It is the task of the commencement address to celebrate that change, the effort that went into making it, and to offer some advice about what to do next. In all respects Cal’s speech delivered on that promise.

Student collecting their degree at LSBM Graduation Ceremony Dec 2015

There then followed the most important part of the whole proceedings! The official conferring of the awards on each individual student, which both allowed them and everyone else to mark their achievement. This passed off splendidly with warm smiles and clapping in abundance as the students climbed the steps onto the stage and received their award scrolls from Academic Principal, John Fairhurst, and the acknowledgement of the audience.

There then followed speeches from Student President, Ramin Esfahani and a Valediction address from student Timothy Hassan BA (Hons), which included a call for fellow students to rise up and hug and thank their tutors (we celebrate the ‘personal touch’ at LSBM!) Before the proceedings were closed by the Master of Ceremonies, and everyone retired to the bar at Imperial Hotel for many well-earned drinks and sandwiches.

Even the weather was kind! The skies were clear and the rain and wind were in abeyance for the ceremony.

We look forward to that remaining true at future graduation ceremonies when we celebrate YOUR achievements at LSBM!


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