Cost of Living in London

The UKVI requirement for living costs in London is £1,265 a month. So for a period of 9 months a student could expect to pay £11,385 based on those official figures.

In December 2015 the NUS/Unipol published an Accommodation Costs Survey that reported on the average cost of student accommodation.

The survey (which you can download in full here), reported that the average rent in London in 2015-16 for students was £226 a week.

In addition to rent, you will also need to budget for:

  • Student fees
  • Food
  • Household items
  • Insurance
  • Personal spending
  • Travel, and
  • Leisure and Social Spending

This will vary greatly, depending on the individual. But there are a number of reference guides online that can help you to create a reasonable budget forecast as to what your realistic cost of living expenses in London may be, should you choose to study with us.

Here are four key sources of information for the cost of living in London in 2017:

1/ JRF - Minimum UK Income Standard 2017

This report concluded that a single person in 2017 needed a minimum of £207.13 per week (not including rent, childcare or student fees).

2/ There are a number of guides to living costs in London that are aimed at the expat community. While far from perfect, these do at least offer some insights as to what you may realistically pay for certain food items and other daily expenses once you come to live in London (though you can often get items such as food cheaper if you shop around).

Expatistan - Cost of Living in London report

Numbeo - Cost of Living in London



3/ Other Government Statistics

The government also periodically publishes a Student Income and Expenditure Survey. The last one currently published is a little out of date, as it is from 2011-12.

However, it is extremely comprehensive, and should provide some good insights as to your likely expenses.

You can download it here.

4/ Cost estimates from other universities

Other Universities in London have also come up with their own figures as to what they estimate it will cost to study in London

Imperial College London - Living Costs Estimates - Imperial estimate that it will cost around £300 a week (including accommodation, but excluding fees)

City University - They estimate the cost at £285 a week (including accommodation, but excluding fees)

If you’re an international student considering studying in the UK, it is important for you to ensure you have sufficient funds before leaving home.

This international student calculator may help you work out how to manage your money and build a budget for living and studying in the UK. 

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