August 2018

The Next Step to Clearing Success

Clearing at LSBM

On the morning of Thursday 16 Aug 2018, many students will be tentatively waking up to discover their A level results and considering what their next steps may be.

For some it will be warm hugs, happy tweets, exclamation marks on Facebook and back patting for a job well done. They will have got the grades that they wanted. Woo Hoo!!

The world will seem to stand in front of them with open arms, and they will have taken a tangible step towards achieving entry to higher education, something they will have worked towards for two years.

For others, it may start off as a day of disappointment. They may not have got the grades they hoped for. Hearts will deflate momentarily and deep breaths will need to be taken.

The good news is that the next step is much easier than many of these students may realise. They are about to enter 'The 'Twilight Clearing Zone'!

Well, 'The Twilight Zone' may be a stretch, because UCAS Clearing is actually a well-defined pathway to get back on track and secure a place in higher education, with the grades that you actually have, rather than the grades that you hoped you would get. 

Twilight Zone

Or, even if you got your grades, but now fancy a change, then Clearing might be the answer.

Here is how UCAS describes Clearing: (Here is the 'official description')

"Clearing is how unis and colleges fill any places they still have on their courses. It's an ideal way for you to find another course. You find courses (with vacancies) that interest you, and contact universities or colleges directly, to see if they will offer you a place.

From 5 July to 23 October, you can apply for a course using Clearing if you’re not already holding an offer from a university or college, and the course still has places.

You can use Clearing if:

  • you didn’t receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept)
  • you didn’t meet the conditions of your offers"

LSBM have a host of courses that are available in Clearing.

These include Business Management, Accounting and Finance, as well as Law courses.

You can find a full-list of courses that are currently available in Clearing here:

Give us a call us on 020 7388 8877 to have a chat with one of our friendly advisors, who'll be able to talk you through your options, what is possible, and what might be the best choices for you.


Fun Facts!

Here are some facts about Clearing (correct up to 10 Aug 2018):

  • In England, a record 38.1 per cent of the 18-year-old population have applied through UCAS.
  • In total, more than 635,000 people have applied so far this year.
  • Last year, 66,865 people were accepted through Clearing, with 16,950 of those applying with their results and submitting their application directly into Clearing.

London Stadium

So, imagine West Ham football stadium filled to the rafters with people (the same stadium as was used for the London 2012 Olympics - picture credit) and you have a visual of all the students who will be accepted through Clearing this year!

(Fun Fact Unrelated to Clearing! - The ground has a capacity of 66,000, even though licensing regulations mean that the capacity is restricted to 57,000, with 9000 seats staying empty during home games. The use and profit from which is now the subject of a legal case. Who knows... If you get on one of our LLB Law courses through Clearing, then you too could end up on the legal team for future litigations!)

That is a LOT of students!

So, the good news is that even if your results weren't quite what you may have wished for, you can still be among them and take your seat in the stadium!


The Upsides of Clearing

There are actually many potential upsides to Clearing. In the past I've written about:

Why UCAS Clearing Might Just be the Best Thing that Ever Happened to you

As well as the (admittedly tentative!) link between

Clearing and String Theory - It's Not Chaos!

Geraldine Murphy

So, the good news is that while it may feel like Chaos Theory is messing with you when you rocked up to get your A level results. That the aftermath of what that means and where it may take you is entirely up to you.

Different doesn't mean better or worse.

That is down to you.

It just means that you are going to go down another path. One that will have different consequences.

Those consequences can be good news.

Our very own Geraldine Murphy, Academic Lead for Teaching and Learning at LSBM who was nominated in January 2018 as a finalist for the 'Academic Award' in the '2018 FDM everywoman Technology Awards', which celebrates the brightest individuals who are changing the face of technology in the UK and beyond, was a Clearing student.

She commented about it:

"I was a clearing student and it was the best decision I made. It was beneficial for me in three main ways:

  • It gave me a sense of responsibility - I was making a decision purely for me.
  • I was not bound to one place - I got my predicted grades so was able to freely choose.
  • Where I chose was exceptional - my uni experience was transformative for me in many ways.

I guess it was the start of a chain of events that allowed growth, independence and to challenge myself."

So, the experience of Clearing can be extremely positive. It can be empowering.

It can be about growth, independence and challenge.

Embrace it!

This is about you taking charge. Taking control. Looking yourself in the mirror and asking yourself.

"What next for me?"

Give us a call on 020 7388 8877 or visit and let's see if we can help you take the next step to your success!

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