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Referring to the use of educational technologies broadly as Learning technology, LSBM provides a wide range of services through the use of Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), Canvas, and our eBook provision, as well as novel assessment and feedback methods. 

In the past, the primary focus of Learning technology at LSBM was to provide a space for disseminating learning resources and enable the submission of assignments through the VLE. We are now, however moving ahead with developing a more cohesive integration of learning technologies with teaching and learning strategies. This is a recognition that digital educational technologies are intrinsic to our mission and need to be managed as a strategic priority. 

The Learning Technology department, established in August 2014, is critical to our vision of enhancing learning experiences for students, stimulating teaching excellence and knowledge exchange, as well as providing a robust and reliable teaching, learning and research infrastructure. Our eLearning strategy sets a wide remit for Learning technology at London School of Business and Management in order to encourage staff and students to engage in activities that lead to an enhancement of teaching and learning, as well as improving learner engagement and retention.  

The strategy is bound to the three interconnected operational domains:

  1. Teaching Philosophy and Pedagogy: embedding the institutional teaching philosophy into the implementation and action plan of the eLearning strategy, and ensuring coherent integration of learning technologies and electronic resources into the teaching methods and pedagogy.
  2. Personal Development and Support: providing training and support to members of staff and students in the effective and efficient use of learning technologies for teaching and learning, and
  3. IT Infrastructure and Maintenance: ensuring robust and efficient operation of Learning technologies at LSBM through the development, maintenance and expansion of educational technologies and services that we adopt as an institution. 


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