Beth Alexandre

LSBM Business Graduate

In retrospect, the whole thing was a different experience in comparison to people that I know who went to a conventional university. I managed to get a First somehow, God knows how! But I just feel like the stuff I learned is a lot deeper than just having a degree. I feel like when I talk about Uni I don't really talk about that I got a First. I kinda talk about all the crazy people I met, like, not in a bad way. I worked alongside people I never really had a close encounter with in other aspects of life that have really helped me to grow as a person. I've got a degree, and I've got a good degree, and I've done it in the same amount of time, but for less money.

I graduated in April this year. I've got a good job at Capita and things are just going from strength to strength. I was able to work as well while I was studying, which was really important and LSBM were very supportive while I was doing that. I had to apply for DSA (Disabled Students Allowance) and Nadia (Michail) (LSBM Disability and Student Welfare Advisor) was like the best, she was there, making sure I got all the bursaries and other stuff I can get. It just made it a lot easier knowing that I had those people looking out for me. The non-academic staff at LSBM were really helpful.

I'm quite a quiet person and I made friends towards the end. When we graduated it was such a surreal feeling, because I think everyone was like on cloud-nine, because for many of us we didn't know if it would be possible for us to ever get a degree. The teachers are really good. Dr Knowledge, Kuldeep (Pradhan), even like Achila (Amarasinghe) was quite inspirational because he is currently doing his Ph.D while teaching at LSBM, so he was someone to look up to. In fact, all the teacher's I've had here have been really good.

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