Personal Academic Tutoring

Personal Academic Tutoring fulfils a number of roles for students, including:

  • Information about Higher Education processes, procedures and expectations
  • Liaison with students at risk of withdrawing and / or underperforming. These students will be referred to the tutor by the Student Engagement and Success Division or Registry. (Refer to the Attendance Policy for further information)
  • Academic advice, feedback and personal development
  • Referral to further help from the Student Engagement and Success Division
  • Nurturing of a sense of confidence, safety and belonging.

Personal academic tutoring is important because it:

  • Improves retention, progression and success: One of the greatest reasons why students drop out is because they feel like they have no one to talk to when they fall into difficulty
  • Provides a pastoral safety net for students with problems affecting their ability to study, and it helps students address their issues and continue their studies
  • Helps improve continuation and completion rates, which  have a direct financial impact and affect an institution’s reputation and standing
  • Enhances students’ learning experience:
    • Students will feel more supported, more cared for and ultimately more satisfied with their studies
    • Establishes a feeling that students belong to the institution and are part of the community; and
    • Small group tutoring can encourage students to create a study group and a network of friends.


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