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LSBM Radio is an initiative run by the Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success (SEWS) division.

Tune in and listen to interviews with staff and students, get news on opportunities inside and outside of the university and engage in the debates taking place on our discussion panel.

LSBM Radio shows are available on demand so listen in when it suits you.

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Meet the Team

Delon Jones Delon Jones

Presenter - 'Delon's Discussions'

Delon is a charismatic law student and Student Vice-President at LSBM. He aspires to become a Human Rights lawyer, helping to tackle social inequalities and raise awareness of systemic injustices.
Omosola Fiberesima Omosola Fiberesima

Presenter - 'Now and Beyond'

Omosola is a Business and Management Student at LSBM, an author, creative crafts tutor and entrepreneur. It is her passion to ensure that students enjoy a holistic academic journey that extends far beyond the lecture room.
Sabrina-Maria Anderson

Sabrina-Maria Anderson

Radio Coordinator and Presenter - 'Did you Know?'

Sabrina-Maria graduated in Law from Cardiff University. She is now a Student Success advisor in the SES division, coordinator and editor of LSBM Radio, and host of the Did you Know? show.

Amir Ibrahim Amir Ibrahim

Studio Engineer of LSBM Radio

Amir is a current LSBM student and a studio recording guitarist. His software editing experience has provided him with the necessary skills to be Studio Engineer of LSBM Radio.


Upcoming Shows

Here are the shows that we have coming up shortly that you can look forward to listening to.

(We will update this page with download links when the shows are available for download.)

Did you Know?

Show Description: Get fun facts and useful information brought directly to you. These shows will cover key areas of academic skills, opportunities available to students through LSBM and advice on how to get the most out of your degree.
  • PAL Leader and Vice President Positions at LSBM -  April 2017 - (8 minutes 43 seconds - Opens in new tab) - Find out about the PAL Leader Positions available at LSBM and how you can get involved in the election of your next LSBM student Vice President.

Delon's Discussions

Show Description: Join Delon and his guest panelists who will be discussing current affairs, sports, economic and political issues. Delivered in a tasteful and diplomatic tone, these discussions will undoubtedly arouse opinion and debates amongst panelists and listeners. If you have an opinion that you would like to share, send us an email at the address below.
  • An Introduction to Brexit - (The first in a series of Brexit discussions, this show introduces the topic of Brexit with panelists sharing their opinions about whether it will be beneficial or detrimental in the long run.)

Now and Beyond

Show Description: The show that aims to 'enhance your today and empower your tomorrow' through conversations and interviews, exploring topics that matter to you. Inspired by students, staff and professionals with a mission to give you clearer insights into what is required to get you from your 'Now' to the goals you've set for your 'Beyond'.
  • Easing into Student Life - April 2017 - (22 minutes 11 seconds - Opens in new tab) - Understanding how to ease into student life from the traditional and mature student's perspective. Find out about the similarities and challenges from Sabrina and Carlton as they engage in an interesting discussion.


If you would like to be a part of any of our shows or have a topic that you would like to hear discussed on LSBM Radio, then please contact us on

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