Two New LSBM Student Engagement Announcements

21 Jul 2017

Here at LSBM, we are always looking for new ways to actively engage with our students and provide the very highest standards of education.

We believe that 'engaging' shouldn't just be a passive philosophy. It should be about raising expectations and making sure that we are doing our best to make sure that learning is very much an active and creative process for our students.

It is for that reason that we were pleased in our latest QAA review to be commended for our enhancement of student learning opportunities, which places us in the top 12.8% of institutions with regards to enhancement, as it was an acknowledgment of the progress we have already made in this area.

But we are always looking to go further. 

For that reason, we had two announcements this week that Cal Courtney, Director, Centre for Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success at LSBM (pictured) was pleased to announce at recent meetings with the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) and Knowledge Quarter (KQ) that were held at LSBM.

1/ Artist in Residence Program (Announced 11th July 2017)

"When we talk about our vision for our students and what kind of graduates we want to create, one of the characteristics we want them to have is to be creative, because creative people can survive change.

For that reason we are going to be launching an Artist in Residence programme from October 2017 at LSBM.
Working hand-in-hand with students, but not just to create art, but also to lead a dialogue on what it is to be a creative person."

2/ Leadership Ethos Review / Bloomsbury Leadership Forum (Announced 18th July 2017)

"We are very conscious, particularly with our widening participation students, and there is a large section of them within our student body, that very often the focus is put on their deficit. But, in actual fact, these people have incredible experience and insight which they bring to academia, and the only way that can come out is to completely transform the traditional teacher / student relationship so that it becomes more of an equal dialogue, which helps our students see how their experience is valued and how it can be applied to the subject matter they are looking at.

So, we have decided that our own Leadership Ethos is going to be reviewed over the next year. So, we have what we call a Servant Leadership Ethos as a corporate ethos within the organisation which places an emphasis on serving other people, obviously. But there is an interesting language around it. The idea of servant leader might be very attractive to me as a relatively successful, middle-aged man. But, to a person who actually is a servant and who may be earning less than minimum wage, that is another connotation. 

So, in conversation with students, we got to a stage where we said; 'Right, this needs to be reviewed and how are we going to review it?' So, under the Lighthouse Project, we are also launching the Bloomsbury Leadership Forum. So, the idea is that it will be more small scale then the lectures (Editors note - the Lighthouse Project Lectures will be happening from October 2017 onwards), but it will bring people together to actually talk about what Leadership and Ethical Leadership mean in the 21st Century."

Both of these announcements demonstrate the ongoing regard we have for the development of our students in a very real and practical way, and we look forward to showcasing the talents of many more creative, engaged student leaders as a result of these initiatives.

If you are interested in getting involved with either the new Artist in Residence programme or the Bloomsbury Leadership Forum at LSBM, then please email to discuss it further.


Stuart Brown
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