New LSBM Student Vice-President Announced

10 Apr 2017

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Read news announcement from 24 May 2017 regarding the post of Student Vice-President

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At 1pm, on Mon 10 Apr 2017, a crowd of staff and students waited with baited breath in the Student Hub at Dilke House for Cal Courtney, Chief Returning Officer and Director of the Centre for Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success (SEWS) at LSBM to announce the result of this years LSBM Student Vice-Presidential election.

The election was being contested between Delon Jones (left of picture), a law student and latterly the presenter of 'Delon's Discussions' on LSBM radio, and Abul Hashem (right of picture), a Business Management student who has just completed his Foundation Year.

The two candidates both campaigned to represent the growing student body at LSBM, and the large turnout of 364 votes at the election, by far the most of any LSBM student election campaign up to this point, was testament to how both candidates had enlivened the debate and caused the student voice at LSBM to be loudly heard.

The results of the votes cast were as follows:

364 votes cast (of which 273 were made online and 91 presented in person at the Student Hub).

198 - Abul Hashem (Right of picture) - ELECTED

166 - Delon Jones 

So, Abul Hashem has duly been elected as the new Student Vice-President at LSBM.  

Abul will shadow the existing Student President Julian Owusu for a number of months in order to prepare for the role of President, and will then formally take up office as Student President in September 2017. Helping him will be Student Guild Manager, Faisa Warsama, who you can see pictured in the centre of the picture above.

(If you have any questions about the election, or other matters that you would like to discuss with the Student Guild at LSBM. You can always contact the Student President at or Faisa at

In announcing the result Cal emphasised that there are only really winners in a contest such as this one, because it has given Delon the opportunity to stand out among his peers, and that there are a lot of other leadership opportunities that he and other students are very welcome to step up and take on at LSBM.

Abul stood for the following four fundamental tenets in his manifesto for the position:

• Building a better relationship between students
• To understand the needs of those who are afraid to speak up to ensure their needs are met
• To help further a better relationship between students and the faculty 
• To make LSBM a safe and inclusive ground so no one feels alone

Asked how he hoped to serve the needs of the student body at LSBM following his victory, Abul commented:

"Change is just a word without action. So it's you who have made this happen. I will definitely be talking to more students, especially those who haven't been heard to make sure that their views are heard."

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the election for all their effort and commitment and look forward to the work that Abul will do over the next year to build on the excellent legacy of his predecessor Julian Owusu.


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